For boat dock repairs, a new dock or a boat lift call



Our boat docks are custom built at Lake Eufaula — And we deliver!


Our custom built docks are built to last.


We start with custom made parts cut to fit your new dock perfectly. Then we use heavy duty half inch iron hinges and concrete decking to add to the longevity.


Even the pencils fit into rollers so they do not get hung up and damaged.


Yes, we do deliver. After your DriDock has been assembled and tested, one of our barges, either the 34 foot or 24 foot, will push the dock to you. Then we set, install, and test it once again.


Bill Brown invites you to come by our workshop right here on Lake Eufaula for a tour of our facilities.

Call us with the details of your project and we’ll respond with an accurate quote and time line for the work.


Boat dock repair, construction, and installation at Lake Eufaula  •  918-231-4778